Wednesday, March 31, 2010


am following @ZodiacFacts on twitter and surprised by the accuracy of his/her tweets about my astrology sign :)

#ZodiacFacts Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini, they will never let anyone dictate them.#ZodiacFacts Geminis are very flighty and will disappear for a long time as they meet new friends and explore new places.#ZodiacFacts A Gemini friend can fill you in with the latest gossip and if you love conversation, the Gemini delivers.
#ZodiacFacts Geminis are very generous with their friends, they will spend lots of time with you and share everything with you.

#ZodiacFacts Even though Gemini is a social butterfly, they always need time for themselves and that should be respected.
#ZodiacFacts Gemini tends to disperse their energy on different tasks and not just focus on one thing.
#ZodiacFacts Instead of looking deep into a person's real qualities, Gemini will judge a person by the way they treat them.
#ZodiacFacts Gemini people are many sided, quick both in the mind and physically.
#ZodiacFacts Gemini woman are truly enchanting. However, dating them might feel more like a friendship then a real relationship.
#ZodiacFacts Geminis are picky.
#ZodiacFacts Geminis really enjoy communicating, more so then most other astrology signs.
#ZodiacFacts Gemini have interesting opinions and thoughts on things and are not afraid to speak their mind.

segitu dulu deh kaya'nya.
masih banyak siih sebenernya, tapi gue males ngubek-ngubek timeline-nya si ZodiacFacts. dan menurut gue sih hal-hal di atas itu sangat sangat gue banget. yes i'm a real geminis :)


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